Education is the key to a better life, is the power to develop a community as well exploring the world. Educations keep the community along with the modern life. It eliminates outdated harmful practices that such as fgm that drugs a community backward. The traditions harmful practices such as FGM has oppressed the girl child education as well as her right which has limited the girl child opportunity in the community , we believe through education the girl child will not be married off for goats or a chicken. Most children are forced to drop out of school and get married more especially if the they have undergone the cut due to the circle of poverty surroundings the community. KUZA DADA is at the front line in ensuring every child has gotten quality education and attain their goals.

Economic Empowerment

Most women are single mothers with no work to do for up bring of her the children. KUZA DADA has been able to reach out to some women, setting up small business for them. We would like to see every woman in gainful and morally-right business activity.

Women Empowerment

Women in our community have other problems apart from fgm, especially those that are not privileged enough to have a basic education. Without education women will be forced to always be idle in a male dominated society. Girls drop out of school due to early pregnancy and no one is willing to take them back to school.

KUZA DADA has taken an initiative to empower such women on different skills to fight poverty. We have empowered women on liquid making soup , door mat making and bead work. The women are happily using the skill to change their lives through making and selling the products.

Supporting Talents

Talents have changed people’s lives into better, it has taken people places the they never expected.

We are in frontline to nurture talents in our community and encourage as they can be the key to a better life. We hope to reach to every child and youths with different talents and encourage them to embrace them. We are very much committed in nurturing all the talents we come along within our capability. Our journey towards nurturing talent began by KUZA DADA assisting Salim Ali (a musician from Kwale County) record his first album.

Dada Rescue

Our main objective is to fight Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) which is the biggest enemy in our community. Lack of civic education has allowed the harmful practice to extend its roots deep, which has taken away the pride of the girl child in the community.

Lots of girls want to continue with their education but the journey is cut short by the harmful FGM practice. They are married off immediately after the cut as it is believed they are ripe for marriage. We reach out to rescue those vulnerable girls and enroll them in schools.

Facts in figures

counties (out of 47) practise FGM
% of the prevalence of FGM in women aged 15–49
% of cut cases in Kenya reported in Nyanza
% of women aged 15–49 believe FGM should be stopped

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