Volunteer Form

When you volunteer to do any activity mentioned here, you’re empowering the community in your small way. Empowering the community is empowering the country and literary making the world better than you found it. You’ll be using your skills in the right way to the needy, and also extending your friendship web. The more you work, the more you gain more experience.

Volunteer with us

Are you ready and willing to make a difference in Kuria community in Kenya! Take action today and volunteer with KUZA DADA to end the painful traditional harmful outdated act of FGM. Your availability and presence will be highly appreciated.

We are always in search of passionate volunteers to assist us in our programs as well as administrative, financial, and other skills-based volunteering.

Our positions are as follows.

  1. community civic education
  2. community talent search and exposure.
  3. Youth empowerment program
  4. Women empowerment program
  5. Girls empowerment program
  6. Evangelism program
  7. legal advisory