Rescued from the jaws of female cut and lives to tell the story

kuzadada Education, Impact March 17, 2020

My name is Mildred  Bhoke I am 16 years old the first born in a family of three. Am in secondary three, at Nile road girl’s day secondary school in Nairobi.

I was born and raised in the Kenyans capital Nairobi, in the sprawling kibera slums. When I joined secondary school I came to read in history books about the traditional practice that is the reason for my writing this short story about myself. Female genital mutilation don’t have a deep meaning of this practice, or even normally what happens but I hold the know how based on what I read and see in media. Here I’ll reveal that before December 2019, the day I almost went through it, my parents had never explained to me when, how, and why I should undergo the same.

 December 2019 ,I had returned from my Aunts place for school vacation ,to my parents home in Kibra.(I school from my Aunts place). I anticipated that this month will be like any other, relaxing with friends, away from school chores.

Something unusual hit my mind that I could see massive preparation of my mum and dad, anticipating that were all going home but not announced to us officially me and my sisters.iam privileged to understand my mother tongue and for sure discovered that something was cooking .the words that made me suspicious were like ,when are they coming?, children will be late bring them immediately ,…I used my little knowledge that the targeted persons is me and my sister, and Fgm was staring at us.

I shared the news with my cousin sister, she by chance shared with KUZA DADA founder whom called me and promised to help me.

She worked with speed and organized on the best way she knew herself and, a trip was organized and we traveled all the way to rescue center where we stayed the entire period the fgm was taking place in kuria land.

I found other girls, a good number like 50 whom had escaped from their homes, others were brought by their parents who are against the vice.

In the center we were taught much about fgm, how its done, and its effects. We felt safe and happy.

My story is cut short by thanking KUZA DADA for quick action, for support before and after, and they’ve assured us that were safe under their care.

I wish they rescue more girls in kuria land because for sure no girls undergo fgm willingly but through intimidation and forced version of stories like no man will marry uncircumcised girl, and maybe say its an abomination and all sort of stories in the name of tradition.

Long live kuza dada.

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