Orphan singing his way out of poverty

kuzadada Impact, Talent March 14, 2020

My name is salim Ali from kwale county coastal region. I am 20 years old and firstborn, I am an orphan I lost my parents while I was in primary school. My mother died when  I was in primary 7.  After the death of my mother life started to be cumbersome .i was forced to drop from school so that I can take care of my siblings. I could go round in small food kiosks washing utensils and at times would sell water in bails owing to water shortage in our village.

One thing that I was born with is music, I discovered that I can sing when I was at tender age used to participate in school choir and we could move to provincial school competition level.

So during my free time I would sit down and write some music then try to sing. So music also became part of me. I started singing but the problem was I didn’t have funds for recording. I tried to get funds from friends but all of them seemed to not have or refused.

Came a day when KUZA DADA founder visited ukunda. i was privileged to have a one on one talk with her and she was moved by my story. She helped me financially to record my first album and promised to help me on my second album.

Without KUZA DADA  I could not be where am today. KUZA DADA CBO is my promoter.

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