Kuza Dada transforming lives of women

My name is  Mwanasha Mbwana Omar from Kwale County coastal region ,I am 39 years old, a widow ,and a mother of seven children. My husband Died of snake bite some 3 years ago leaves me as a sole bread winner for my family. Life has not been easy all through since then. I was left without anything even a house all I remained with was my 7 children and nothing more.

My husband had left for fishing as that was his occupation; they had gone far deep in the deep sea for quality fish. His friends narrated that they reached to a small island and decided to rest there. Its was then that a snake came from no where and bites him twice. His friends rushed to his agony cry but it was too late, the poisonous snake slipped into the sea and disappeared. They carried him to their boat and tried to navigate to the shore but that could take them only two hours because they had gone far in the blue waters of Indian Ocean.

It was a case of dead on arrival for my husband because it took them long to reach the shore and the snake poison had spread in the whole body .so he succumbed and left me a widow.

Accepting the situation, and life had to go on, I started to think deeply on what I could do to put food on the table for my kids and myself. had options of if I could inherit his fishing career but unfortunately customs bar women from engaging in such career.

Turning point an availed itself when I met KUZA DADA fraternity ,I explained to them my polite ,they sympathized much with me .They asked me of what I can do and I said I can open a coconut selling business. KUZA DADA gave me money that changed my life and my children because now I can be able to pay fees for my children, I can put some food on the table.

KUZA  DADA… is doing exactly what the name literary mean ,uplifting ladies.

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