Mary Chacha

Founder & Director

The youngest of seven children, Mary was born in a small village in Kuria near Kenya / Tanzania border. She was born ambitious and has traveled Europe and Africa in pursuit of empowering women. She works tirelessly to ensure that girl/woman sees that they have to control their own body and destiny, fighting a range of issues from, lack of education and forced marriage.

She is fighting to the rights of every girl/woman every single day. The word inspiration gets thrown around a lot these days, but Mary is without a doubt an inspiration. She is determined to make a difference because of what she has gone through and seen through the years. Her interactions with other Kenyan communities have thought her that some of the African traditions are outdated and were used to promote male dominance. She will ever have no peace knowing another woman/girl somewhere is suffering. Her small efforts can change the situation.

Life can be very wonderful if we see other humans as humans and not inferior. Anytime you’re fine, know that someone else is suffering somewhere because a fellow infringing her rights. Join and help where you can.