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KUZA DADA is a community based organization started in 2018 and registered in 2020, up to task to stand in the gap for an oppressed girl, not only in Kuria land but so long as the victim is unable or denied the right to decide for themselves of what is good for them, anywhere in Kenya, within our capability.

We have a brief history and might encounter teething problems especially financial. We prefer dialogue but are sometimes forced to go the legal way in doing things because of the resistance we encounter. The community is stuck in tradition. In such cases we deploy the legal professionals, take the aggressors to court of law and or involve the police or the county administration.

As defined by the World Health Organization, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)comprises of all procedure involving partial or total removal of the female external genitalia or simply excision of the clitoris and labia for non medical reasons.

Most communities that practice FGM give unexplained reasons as to why the tradition is carried out with some stating it marks the transition of girl to woman, others saying that it is performed to slow down a woman’s sexual desire. Some don’t know why they are doing it. Often they use enticing language to girls saying things like `if you don’t go the through it no man will be willing to marry you`.

If one is born in a certain community group, grow in that community, go to school in the same locality, go to collage and start working in the same community, no doubt that person will not have knowledge of how other communities live.

The rebirth of KUZA DADA is an initiative of Mary chacha , its coming in place revealing it self as a dream come true. The urge of seeing the Kuria community level other communities in Kenya in terms of education ,social, and go side by side with the first changing way of living.

KUZA DADA has a thousand meaning in itself. It doesn’t have a tail-long history but has endless future because the current Dada in Kuria land will sit back and look back and see far.


KUZA DADA… is doing exactly what the name means - uplifting ladies.

My name is Mwanasha Mbwana Omar from Kwale County coastal region ,I am 39 years old, a widow ,and a mother of seven children. My husband Died of snake bite some 3 years ago leaves me as a sole bread winner for my family. Life has not been easy all through since then. I was left without anything even a house all I remained with was my 7 children and nothing more. My husband had left for fishing as that was his occupation; they had gone far deep in the deep sea for quality fish. His friends narrated that they reached to a small island and decided to rest there. Its was then that a snake came from no where and bit him twice. His friends rushed to his agony cry but it was too late, the poisonous snake slipped into the sea and disappeared. They carried him to their boat and tried to navigate to the shore but that could take them only two hours because they had gone far in the blue waters of Indian Ocean. It was a case of dead on arrival for my husband because it took them long to reach the shore and the snake poison had spread in the whole body .so he succumbed and left me a widow. Accepting the situation, and life had to go on, I started to think deeply on what I could do to put food on the table for my kids and myself. had options of if I could inherit his fishing career but unfortunately customs bar women from engaging in such career. Turning point an availed itself when I met KUZA DADA fraternity ,I explained to them my polite ,they sympathized much with me .They asked me of what I can do and I said I can open a coconut selling business. KUZA DADA gave me money that changed my life and my children because now I can be able to pay fees for my children, I can put some food on the table. KUZA DADA… is doing exactly what the name literary mean ,uplifting ladies.

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Life has been very difficult for both of us since my father lost his job.

My name is Ashley Alusa, I am 15 years old the second born in the family four childern. Am in form two at our Lady of Mercy, Shauri Moyo Secondary Girls School. I did my Kenya certificate of primary education in 2018 at St. Michael Primary School, and attained a mean grade of C+. My chances of joining high school were very minimal since my father had lost his job. My mother is a casual laborer, whose wages is barely enough to meet our daily basic needs. Life has been very difficult for both of us since my father lost his job. Sometimes we would go to school without eating anything.

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She helped me record my first album...

My name is Salim Ali from kwale county coastal region. I am 20 years old and firstborn, I am an orphan I lost my parents while I was in primary school. My mother died when I was in primary 7. After the death of my mother life started to be cumbersome .i was forced to drop from school so that I can take care of my siblings. I could go round in small food kiosks washing utensils and at times would sell water in bails owing to water shortage in our village. One thing that I was born with is music, I discovered that I can sing when I was at tender age used to participate in school choir and we could move to provincial school competition level. So during my free time I would sit down and write some music then try to sing. So music also became part of me. I started singing but the problem was I didn’t have funds for recording. I tried to get funds from friends but all of them seemed to not have or refused. Came a day when KUZA DADA founder visited ukunda. i was privileged to have a one on one talk with her and she was moved by my story. She helped me financially to record my first album and promised to help me on my second album.

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We are Kuza Dada

KUZA DADA is the hope of the hopeless, its foundation covering the weak who are oppressed and denied or deprived their freedom to decide what they want for themselves.

In summary KUZA DADA is a Swahili word meaning DEVELOP THE GIRL which is up to task to change the notion that has refused to go away that FGM is a primitive practice that stand no chance in the current life. Its the cause of poverty in the area, it’s the cause of early marriage ,it’s the cause that deny the girl child an opportunity to learn and have hope for future.



Education eliminates outdated harmful practices that such as FGM that drags a community backward.

Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment

KUZA DADA would like to see every woman in gainful and morally-right business activity.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

KUZA DADA has taken an initiative to empower women on different skills to fight poverty.

Dada Rescue

Dada Rescue

Lots of girls want to continue with education but the journey is cut short by the harmful FGM

Facts in figures

counties (out of 47) practise FGM
% of the prevalence of FGM in women aged 15–49
% of cut cases in Kenya reported in Nyanza
% of women aged 15–49 believe FGM should be stopped

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