• Anti-FGM Crusade

    We are strong on activities that seek to bring an end to female genital mutilation in the Kuria community


We are Kuza Dada

KUZA DADA is the hope of the hopeless, its foundation covering the weak who are oppressed and denied or deprived their freedom to decide what they want for themselves.

In summary KUZA DADA is a Swahili word meaning DEVELOP THE GIRL which is up to task to change the notion that has refused to go away that FGM is a primitive practice that stand no chance in the current life. Its the cause of poverty in the area, it’s the cause of early marriage ,it’s the cause that deny the girl child an opportunity to learn and have hope for future.

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Education eliminates outdated harmful practices that such as FGM that drags a community backward.

Economic Empowerment

KUZA DADA would like to see every woman in gainful and morally-right business activity.

Women Empowerment

KUZA DADA has taken an initiative to empower women on different skills to fight poverty.

Dada Rescue

Lots of girls want to continue with education but the journey is cut short by the harmful FGM

Sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child is the key to end poverty. Choosing to sponsor a child in Kuria is ending the outdated harmful traditional practice known as FGM. Your assistance will ensure that a child access to life changing benefits such as education, medication care, shelter, clothing, and food and life skills.


Volunteer with us

Volunteering with us means empowering the community in your
small way. Empowering the community is empowering the country and literally making the world better than you found it. Youll be using your skills in the right way to the needy ,and also extending your
friendship web. The more you work , the more you gain experience.


Facts in figures

counties (out of 47) practise FGM
% of the prevalence of FGM in women aged 15–49
% of cut cases in Kenya reported in Nyanza
% of women aged 15–49 believe FGM should be stopped



You can do anything to raise money.

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